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Title: Enamored.
Pairing: Nurul x Key
Rating: G

A new fanfiction for Nurul. Hope you like that picture up there :)

Warning: Story ends extremely abruptly.

“Studio audience, please take your seats. Filming will commence in ten minutes’ time.” The short announcement cackled over the speakers, and Nurul fiddled about excitedly in her seat. In the next ten minutes, she would view a live filming of Star King, one of South Korea’s most loved and watched variety shows.

It was filled with celebrity guests – Eunhyuk and Leeteuk of Super Junior, and Minho of SHINee. Of course, that lively host with the beer belly was a plus. As more of the audience streamed in briskly from the doors on either side of the set, Nurul kept her eyes fixed on the back entrance.

Filming crew buzzed around the set busily, whispering into their clip on Bluetooth devices (those devices were too small to be seen, and the crew seemed to be whispering madly to themselves). A crewmember stood in front of the audience, and spoke in rapid fire Korean, due to the lack of time. He explained that when filming was taking place, they were expected to keep quiet, and could only laugh when they were given the green light. Nurul struggled to catch what he had said, but got the main gist of it.

She glanced at the clock. Four more minutes.

Checking her phone for the umpteenth time, Nurul was greeted with another two messages. Her friends were bombarding her with questions, asking what the stars were wearing, whether Taemin was as tall as he looked in videos, and was Kang Ho Dong donning a wig? She committed as many questions to memory as possible, since texting them a reply when filming started was a big no-no. if she did that, she risked being thrown off set.

“Get ready!” the booming voice shouted over the room, alerting a bunch of crewmembers on standby to get ready for the entrance of the stars. The audience buzzed in anticipation, with the occasional squeal being let out. Simultaneously, all heads turned towards the back entrance. There was literally silence for half a second, when the first person stepped out.

Then the silence was smashed, the crowd going wild.

* * *
Nurul was sure she had been grinning like a fool for the past hour or so, ever since the real filming of Star King started. She knew most of the celebrities by name, with only a handful of people she recognized, but whose names she could not put her finger on. And to her pleasant surprise and amazement, her idol was here.

All rise, for the arrival of the almighty Key.

Her eyes were fixed on him the entire time, worried that if she glanced away for even a second, reality would give her a cold hard slap, and the image of Key would dissipate into thin air. Nurul pinched herself on the arm hard; making sure this was real, that she was wide-awake. Ouch.

She scrutinized every inch of his being, as he sat patiently, waiting for his turn to perform. The crew had informed them of the line up of performances earlier, and she was stoked when she found out Kibum was one of them. Key’s eyebrow-covering bangs were side swept to perfection, and his signature colored highlights commanded people’s attention. Decked in a flattering tailor-made jacket and a striped shirt underneath, Key was flawless.

Nurul wiped her mouth with the back of her hand, feeling her drool form paths down her chin. At least this time it isn’t over a naked bear, she thought sheepishly.

Key bore a cheeky smile, the smile that creeps up from the corners of his mouth spreading to brighten his whole face. Nurul had seen that look online many times before – he always did that before he responded with a witty line or two. As expected, Key mentioned something that made every laugh, before tilting his head and shrugging his shoulders. He shook his head slightly, implying that he didn’t know anything.

Nurul smiled. Yeah right, Key.

* * *
Before long, Key stood up gracefully from his seat, and walked towards the emcee He and Kang Ho Dong had an animated conversation together, mentioning something about “KARA” and “Nicole” which caused Key to violently shake his head in denial and throw a tiny hissy fit.

Kang Ho Dong had his arm around Key, leading him to the middle. He motioned to the audience, saying that he had a treat in store for them. Something that would send noonas fainting, young girls flailing, and boys into envy. Key would pick a member of the audience, and show off his multiple charms to her. Instantly, girls turned to each other, pretending to wish each other luck, but secretly hoping each of them would be the chosen one.

By this point, Nurul was ballistic. She actually had a chance of speaking to her idol! Having him show off his charms to her, if she were lucky enough, would earn her enough bragging rights for an entire year. Her gaze was transfixed on Kibum as he walked closer to the audience, every step he took closing in on them. Nurul started to daydream, imagining Key picking her out from the audience, with everyone else looking on in jealousy.

“You! You’re the lucky girl!” Nurul felt her body shaking, a million hands jostling her from the sides, urging her to stand up. She glanced up. No way.

Key grinned down at her, his smile as warming as it always appeared to be. The lucky girl was her? Was this some kind of sick joke or a prank? She didn’t want to be embarrassed on national television, and considered sitting back down. She shook her head, realizing that was the worst thing to do. This was her chance, perhaps her only one, to ever meet Key.

She grabbed Key’s hand, and brushed herself off as she stood up. She let him lead her to the stage, and couldn’t help but notice how well their hands fit together. Key’s hand was large enough to cover hers, and the smooth texture of his skin proved how much he cared about his image.

“What’s your name?” Nurul was passed a microphone, and let out a soft answer. The bright lights from overhead were shining down, and the cameras were all fixed on her. She willed herself to remember to get a copy of the tapes from the PDs later.

“This must be your special day! Key will dance to you, just you, to thank you for being his fan.” The other SHINee fans in the audience let out low moans. It could have been them! The thoughts were running wild in her head – did she want to appear as a fangirl prone to passing out, or as a mature fan that could actually control her emotions? She went with a restrained smile, struggling to keep her inner feelings hidden.

“Time for girl group dances!” The audience erupted into cheers, and the music started playing. The contagious beat of Genie pounded the floors, and Nurul held back the urge to dance along with Key. His body moved fluidly in time with the music, executing every move better than the SNSD girls themselves. The coy smile he had on made Nurul giggle behind her palm. Following that was a medley of other chart toppers, songs that had swept the nation off its feet. Key ended the routine smoothly with a half bow.

“Wow, our Key is very flexible!” Nurul nodded excitedly in agreement. He really was wonderful, that Key. When he was done with his routine, he gently shook Nurul’s hand. Leaning in, he whispered something in her ear.

“Dance with me?”
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